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Wheelchairs and Power Chairs

Your Mobility of NM has a wide selection of wheelchairs, transport chairs, and power chairs to keep you comfortable and mobile. We will assist you in finding not only the one you need, but the one that fits correctly and works best for your particular situation. We offer Nova, Rhythm, Lumex, and Lifestyle wheelchairs, transport chairs, and power chairs.

Golden Technologies Cricket Powerchair
Your Mobility of NM Golden technologies Cricket Powerchair

Transport Chairs

At Your Mobility of NM we carry several transport chairs for you to choose from. A transport chair is designed to transport a person from one place to another. They are designed to be pushed by a caregiver, not self-driven like a wheelchair. They tend to be thinner in design, making them easier for travel. Some have optional hand brakes, some have better foldability. It really depends on what you need in a transport chair to find the one that’s right for you. A few things to consider with a transport chair:

  • Removable arm or leg rests
  • Fold-down back
  • Custom seat cushion size
  • User-operated brakes
  • Turning Radius
  • On-chair storage options


Your Mobility of NM offers wheelchairs for people needing a more robust system than just a transport chair. If you are unable to walk unassisted and can only take a few steps before needing to rest, you may benefit from a wheelchair. You may also need a wheelchair if you find it difficult to walk long distances even with assistance (i.e. from a friend or family member, or another assistive device like a cane). Like transport chairs, there are a few things to consider when looking for a wheelchair:

  • Will I be pushing myself or will someone else be pushing me?
  • Will I need a power option? 
  • Comfort ( Do I need to add a cushion or back support?)
  • Seat size and height
  • Chair height and weight
  • Arm and leg rests
  • Wheel sizes

Your Mobility of NM will walk you through an analysis to help you understand the features that are important to you, and the ones that you might not need to consider. We want to make sure your wheelchair is the one that will benefit you, personally, the longest.

Power Chairs

If you need the comfort of a wheelchair, but don’t necessarily have the arm strength to push yourself, a power chair, or electric wheelchair, may be the best option for you. Your Mobility of NM offers power chair choices to help you find the right fit and features to keep you mobile.

We invite you to stop by the store today and speak with our Mobility Expert about which wheelchair option will best suit your needs.

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