What the heck is a rollator?

Simply put, a rollator is a walker with wheels. It rolls along as you walk, making it easier to be mobile without having to worry about picking up the walker. A rollator has 4 wheels, unlike it’s companion, the wheeled walker that has 2 wheels in front and two rubber tipped legs in the back. Rollators are designed mainly for people who need a walker for stability and balance, but not necessarily weight bearing. If you need to stop and rest, rollators come with seats and back bars for taking breaks, unlike a walker. These have great advantages for people wanting to walk longer distances or over mildly rougher terrain than a sidewalk.

Rollators have accessories that can be purchased to enhance your mobility device, like baskets for carrying items. They also have hand breaks, can be bariatric approved, can adjust to different heights, and can even have a choice whether you need an indoor or indoor/outdoor rollator. Rollators can have 6 inch wheels, designed more for moving indoors easier, or have 8 or 10 inch wheels designed more for outdoor space accessibility. Rollators com in various weights, too, designed to fit the user better.

No matter what type of rollator you’re looking for, stop by the showroom and we’ll go over your needs, wants, and things you might not be aware of. Your Mobility of NM wants to make sure you have the exact rollator to fit your particular needs.

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