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Walkers and Rollators

At Your Mobility of NM, we understand that there may come a time when a cane just isn’t enough support to keep you safe and stable. Sometimes, you need a walker to help, whether that’s recovering from surgery or day-to-day use. In these instances, Your Mobility of NM has options to help you keep your mobility, and in many instances stay safe at home. We offer a wide variety of walkers and rollators for your convenience and mobility.

Nova Dragon Rollator
Your Mobility of NM Nova Dragon Rollator

How do you know if you need a walker? If you…

  • Have balance issues
  • Have fallen in the past
  • Aren’t getting enough stability from a cane
  • Rely on other people for support as you walk
  • Have had surgery
  • Broke a bone in your foot or leg
  • Have arthritis, leg weakness or instability
  • Want to stay independent.

Our 4-legged walkers are the “standard” walker you see everywhere.  They have 4-tipped legs and offer the most stability. They are your basic go-to walker and fold up for easy travel.  You have to lift this walker to be able to take steps, and it provides four points of support.

If lifting a walker is difficult, we offer wheeled walkers.  Our Two-wheel walker has wheels on the two front legs. It's used if you need some help bearing weight as you move, or if lifting a standard walker is hard for you. It can be easier to stand fully upright with a two-wheel walker than it is with a standard walker. That may help improve posture and lower the risk of falls. We offer Rhythm, Lifestyle, Nova, and Lumex 2 wheeled walkers.

Your Mobility of NM also offers a Rollator, or Four-wheel walker. This walker offers continuous balance support. Using a four-wheel walker can be helpful if you are unsteady on your feet. This is a great choice if you’re still active in your community and want to get around more. If endurance is a concern, most 4 wheeled walkers/rollators have the option for a seat. We offer Lumex, Rhythm, and Nova 4 wheeled walkers.

Your Mobility of NM Nova Knee Scooter

Your Mobility of NM Nova Knee Scooter

 We carry knee scooters (or knee walkers) for those of you who have undergone foot or ankle surgery.  By keeping the pressure off the area, your recovery will be faster and you’ll feel safer when you need to move around. Unlike crutches, a knee scooter can help you stay mobile without the arm and arm pit pain associated with crutches. This walker has a knee platform, four wheels and a handle. To move, you rest the knee of your injured leg on the platform and push the walker with your other leg. We carry Nova, Rhythm, and Lifestyle knee walkers.

Your Mobility of NM fits you to your walker choice, helps you understand all of its features, and can help you with accessories to help customize your walker to fit your personal needs. We want to make sure you have the best option for you, and we’re always available to answer questions. Come in today and check out our selection and ask for a fitting.

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