Mobility and Summer

New Mexico is known for its great weather, and with summer finally here, now is the time to get outside and enjoy. If that’s harder for you, here are some great options and ideas:

The Rollator

There are many different types of rollators. There are rollators that have six-inch wheels, 8-inch wheels, 10-inch wheels, and 12-inch wheels. Whatever size wheel you’d be deciding on depends on the terrain you’d be going over.

Six inch wheels are mainly for very, very flat surfaces. Eight to 12 inch wheels are for a little more rugged surface types, such as cracks, gravel, rocks. Keep in mind that any rollator you get is NOT meant for off-road. Basically it just depends on the terrain you’re going to be walking on and through, which determines what size wheel you should get.

The better rollator to get for New Mexico is the 8-inch wheels and above. This size wheel can probably traverse most any New Mexico urban terrain. This is great for strolling Uptown or Old Town in Albuquerque, for going to the zoo and the botanical gardens, and any mall or shopping center in New Mexico. It provides a very smooth roll and keeps you balanced.

There are also upright rollators that keep you in a complete standing position. This is used for people that have had back injuries, arm injuries….basically any upper body injury, while providing you excellent balance. This type of rollator will make sure you can still enjoy the summer while keeping you safer.

The 2-in-1

Now if you’re an individual that has limited walking capacity, there is a very good walking option out there for you, which is called a 2-in-1 rollator. A 2-in-1 rollator is exactly that: two pieces of equipment in one. It is a rollator AND a transport chair. The benefits of this piece of equipment are the benefits of a rollator, and then when you get tired or fatigued, it becomes a transport chair with foot pedals, allowing you to be pushed by someone. It also saves you money by combining two pieces of equipment into one.

This is great for those long strolls through the zoo or along the Rio Grande with the family.

The Scooter and Power Chair

If a rollator is not an option, and you require more assistance with your mobility, there are plenty of Pride and Golden Scooter Power Chair options. These mobility products allow you to be totally independent.  While a scooter may seem like it could hamper your summer travel plans, despite their size and weight, most scooters and power chairs break down into manageable sizes, making them easier to travel with.

Finally, both Pride and Golden have power chairs that are carbon fiber, weighing less than forty pounds TOTAL, and can be folded to twelve inches in width. This makes it easy for any individual to put these in the back seat or trunk and head to your favorite summer destination. When you take these carbon fiber power chairs out of the trunk, they are easy to unfold back into their intended designs. You can be on your way in a matter of seconds.

Your Mobility of NM carries numerous models of rollators, 2-in-1’s, scooters, and power chairs. We can also have them delivered right to your door.

We also carry accessories to make your independence more enjoyable for the summer. From cup-holders and oxygen carries to padded seat covers, cellphone holders, and saddle bags, we are your one-stop shop for all your summer mobility needs.    

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