Your Mobility of NM Nova Cup Holder For Knee Walker

Mobility Accessories That’ll Make Your Summer Great

Scooters and power chairs have many different types of accessories. Some accessories are made strictly for the unit you purchased; some are universal. Be sure to differentiate between two when ordering, or come in and ask us and we can help you get the right one. 

If you need more storage on your scooter, consider maybe a rear basket or a saddle bag, and possibly even a pack-in-go arm pack.

If you are using your mobility equipment to go to an event, and  you’re not going to be driving it entirely, you could also think of a cane holder or possible a crutch holder. You could also get a walker-holder. If you’re going with a group of friends, having these holders might make your friends’ lives easier.

If you’re an oxygen user, you can also get an oxygen tank holder.

On some models, you can even get a power-elevating seat. Sadly, this isn’t available on all models, but for those that have it, this can make going to the movies, a concert, or a ball game more enjoyable.

What if you don’t like the color of your scooter? You can also accessorize the color of your scooter by getting a colored shroud cover. Make your scooter really stand out this summer by changing the cover to really stand out.   

By far, our most popular accessories are our phone holders and cup holders. Both make traveling much easier, and are great for outings, whether that’s to a museum or enjoying time at a park.

Did you know that we have travel cases available? These travel case are about the size of a backpack and actually strap to the back of the chair, giving you even more space to carry your personal and important items. With its many different pockets, you can store a wide variety of items to take with you wherever you’re going.  

If you’re going on an airplane, we have a travel bag that lets you turn your scooter into a carry-on item. These are specifically for the scooters that will fold-up. If you’re unsure if this will work for your scooter, give us a call and we can help you find out.

One of the best accessories we offer is a rear-view mirror. It might not be something you think of when looking into a scooter or power chair, but a rear-view mirror is a great accessory to make your life easier. These are great for crowds, too, because you’ll never have to wonder what’s behind you.

Finally, protect your scooter and power chair from the elements with a scooter and power chair cover. This will help keep the dust off of your scooter and power chair when you’re not using it, and with the winds we have here in New Mexico, you definitely want to cover your scooter when you’re not using it.  

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