Electric Mobility Scooter

Your Mobility of NM offers a wide range of Electric Mobility Scooters for your continued mobility care.  We will walk you through a needs analysis (indoor use, outdoor use, distance you’ll need to travel, weight to carry, etc.), and find options that will work best for you. We will fit you to your scooter, explain how it works and basic maintenance, and make sure you are comfortable with your choice before you leave.

You may need a mobility scooter if:

  • You suffer from arthritis
  • You no longer participate in activities due to mobility issues
  • You fall frequently
  • You’re recovering from surgery
  • Your independence is limited

At Your Mobility of NM, we offer 3 wheel electric scooters, 4 wheel electric scooters, and electric power chairs.

Golden Technologies Lite Rider
Your Mobility of NM Golden Technologies LiteRider 4-Wheel

For outdoor use and better stability, it’s hard to beat a 4 wheel scooter.  The 4 wheel design has exceptional balance and stability, even with uneven terrain. They handle grass, gravel, and even small hills with ease. They generally have a stronger build since they are designed more for outdoor use, but fit nicely indoors as well. Because they are designed for outdoor use, they are generally more comfortable, especially for longer trips.

Pride Mobility Victory
Your Mobility of NM Pride Mobility victory-9-4-wheel-candy-apple-red

When choosing a scooter, it’s also important to consider your lifestyle. If you’re adventurous and still enjoy getting outside, then the 4-wheel scooter might be the better choice, simply because it can handle the unevenness of the outdoors and everything the elements bring with it. We’re blessed with sunshine in New Mexico, but with that comes wear-and-tear from our extreme UV, especially on sidewalks and outdoor spaces. Better stability makes traversing these areas a lot easier.

If your lifestyle is more indoors, then the 3 wheel scooter might be just the thing you’re looking for! Great for smaller corridors and turn-spaces, this option still gives you the freedom to get around, but with a mind to stay inside.

Electric power chairs are another great option. Smaller than their scooter cousins, these wonderful machines work great inside, as well as inside.

The good news is that if you’re unsure which option you’d need, or if you’d like to see them and have questions, we’re here for you. We want to make sure that you get the right mobility scooter, and one that makes you feel comfortable and free. Life shouldn’t stop when you get a scooter: it should open again, and that’s what we want for you!
Your Mobility of NM carries an extensive line of electric mobility scooter choices for you. We offer financing and can deliver. Not in Albuquerque? That’s okay! We have shipping options available, too. Stop in today for details and to try one on for size!

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