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Bath Safety

At Your Mobility of NM, we understand bath safety is a real concern for many people with mobility issues. Practices that were once routine and mundane are now an actual concern and real safety hazard. We can help!

We carry a large line of in home bath safety equipment to help you stay safe, mobile, and most importantly, in your home.

We have grab bars that are both mounted, and removable. Our mounted safety grab bars range in sizes from 12”, 16", 18”, 24”, and 32”.

Toilet Safety Rails
Your Mobility of NM Nova Toilet Safety Rails

We also carry a portable 12” grab bar for when you’re traveling.

For your in shower safety, we offer both shower chairs and stools, as well as transfer benches. For more permanent safety, we offer wall mounted shower seats.

To make using the facilities easier, we offer a bedside commode, a variety of toilet risers, toilet support rails and frames, and even have urinals for your convenience.

At Your Mobility of NM, we understand the importance of staying safe in the bathroom and are here to support your needs. Don’t see what you need? Please give us a call or stop in. We offer custom orders on anything not stocked.

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