About Us

Your mobility of New Mexico

Jeffery Scott opened Your Mobility of NM in April of 2023, after working in the industry for several years. He understands New Mexicans deserve a better option when it comes to getting help “Aging in Place” and staying mobile in and out of their homes. While helping people get fitted for walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, and electric scooters, he also developed great customer care for the people he serves. 

Your Mobility of NM close up store front

Our Mission

"Your mobility of NM is dedicated to serving people who are injured, elderly, experiencing balance issues, needing protection from slip/fall , and mobility challenges. Your Mobility of NM will always serve with a smile and will educate on the choices you have by listening to your situational needs."

Customer Care

We understand your personal needs

At Your Mobility of NM, we take the time to actually talk to our customers to access their needs. Many customers are told they need just one specific item and are generally unaware they may actually have a choice. We offer solutions that they are not only comfortable with, but often are a better solution than what they came in looking for. We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach to our mobility customer care.


Your Mobility of NM also understands that we all have different incomes and access to finances. We offer solutions that include options for cash, credit card, and even a financing option for those who need to make payments to cover their care. We don’t accept insurance, but we do work with you on an “insurance credit” of sorts. Stop in today and see how Your Mobility of NM can help keep you safe and mobile!

Understand Your Personal Needs

Financing Available

Local Store

We’re also local, which means if you have questions or concerns, you have a brick-and-mortar store to stop in to visit. We are here to help you!